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2017-09-30Fix build with PICJanne Heß
2017-09-30Apply all XSA patchesJanne Heß
2017-09-30Add spice-glib dependencyJanne Heß
2017-07-20Update to 4.9.0-1Janne Heß
2017-05-06Add XSA-213 and XSA-214Janne Heß
2017-04-07XSA-212 and fixes for SeaBIOS/OVMFJanne Heß
2017-03-28Split out OVMF and SeaBIOS; XSA-211; WerrorJanne Heß
2017-03-09Merge docs and fix lzoJanne Heß
2017-02-27Add XSA 207, 208, 209, and 210Janne Heß
2017-01-12Update to 4.9 and fixupJanne Heß
2016-10-08Replaced xen 4.5.1 package with the package build by John Thomson. Source: ht...ArthurBorsboom
2015-07-04Initial Import for 4.5.1-1David Sutton