path: root/PKGBUILD.libs
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-06-16Add additional dependenciesDonald Carr
2017-05-16Adjust dependencies to reflect current requirmentsDonald Carr
2017-04-27Allow Qt to co-exist with local Qt installDonald Carr
2017-04-27Add qt-sdk-raspberry-pi-target-libs to providesDonald Carr
2017-04-27Catch unset pi verDonald Carr
2017-01-13Sanity Checking: Target host builds with same recipeDonald Carr
2016-09-20Update package metadata for pi libsDonald Carr
2016-09-13Remove inappropriate conflicts lineDonald Carr
2016-06-07qt5-declarative is the primary thing this package providesDonald Carr
2016-06-05Pulseaudio, mtdev and libinput should be a depsDonald Carr
2016-03-16Fix textual oversight -sionDonald Carr
2016-03-16Only allow one qpi install per targetDonald Carr
2016-03-08Fix my use of "replaces" fieldDonald Carr
2016-02-22Fonts are now part of the Qt libs dependency setDonald Carr
2016-02-19Record all Qt Web Engine deps in dependency graphDonald Carr
2016-02-19Record the target depedencies in the PKGBUILDDonald Carr
2016-02-19Remove the version information from the Qt tools pathDonald Carr
2016-01-08Bring qpi PKGBUILD up to speed with the qpi2 oneDonald Carr