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2020-04-20Bump to r2431Bruno Miguel Fernandes Silva
2019-06-27Bump to r2428Bruno Miguel Fernandes Silva
2019-01-25Bump to r2419Bruno Miguel Fernandes Silva
2018-02-06Update PKGBUILDBruno Silva
2017-11-22Bump to r2367Bruno Silva
2017-11-06Bump to r2367Bruno Silva
2017-10-31Bump to r2354Bruno Silva
2017-10-26Bump to r2353Bruno Silva
2017-10-16Bump to r2256Bruno Silva
2017-09-27Bump to r2129Bruno Silva
2017-09-18Bump to r2101Bruno Silva
2017-09-14Bump to r2072Bruno Silva
2017-09-13Bump to r2066Bruno Silva
2017-09-08Bump to r2021Bruno Silva
2017-09-04Bump to r2021 and fix prefix bugBruno Silva
2017-08-22Bump to r1936Bruno Silva
2017-07-10Bump to r1801Bruno Silva
2017-06-27Bump to r1788Bruno Silva
2017-05-05Update makedeps to met asn1c requirementsBruno Silva
2017-05-05Bump to r1769Bruno Silva
2017-03-28Bump to r1760Bruno Silva
2016-12-06Bump to r1692.73d449dBruno Silva
2016-11-17Initial commitBruno Silva