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2022-11-23upgpkg: balena-etcher@1.10.1zhullyb
2022-11-13upgpkg: balena-etcher@1.10.0zhullyb
2022-11-08upgpkg: balena-etcher@1.8.7zhullyb
2022-11-08upgpkg: balena-etcher@1.8.2zhullyb
2022-04-23updpkg: balena-etcher@1.7.9zhullyb
2022-03-19upgpkg balena-etcher@1.7.8zhullyb
2022-02-22Update to 1.7.7zhullyb
2022-02-22Update to 1.7.6zhullyb
2022-02-22Update to 1.7.5zhullyb
2022-01-29fix: increase pkgrel to update the package凌莞
2022-01-29fix: uncomment epoche凌莞
2021-12-29Update to 1.7.3zhullyb
2021-12-22Update to 1.17.2zhullyb
2021-11-29Update to 1.7.1 & build with nodejs<17zhullyb
2021-11-10Update to 1.7.0zhullyb
2021-11-07Update to 1.6.0zhullyb
2021-08-05Update versionCarol Schulze
2021-05-11update version to v1.5.120Matthew McGinn
2021-05-03update version to v1.5.119Matthew McGinn
2021-04-29bump versionMatthew McGinn
2021-04-08update version to v1.5.117Matthew McGinn
2021-02-03update version to v1.5.116Matthew McGinn
2021-01-18update version to v1.5.115Matthew McGinn
2021-01-15update version to v1.5.114Matthew McGinn
2020-12-17bump to v1.5.113Matthew McGinn
2020-12-03update architecturesMatthew McGinn
2020-12-03update version to v1.5.112Matthew McGinn
2020-11-23update version to v1.5.111Matthew McGinn
2020-11-05bump to 1.5.110Matthew McGinn
2020-11-04bump sumsMatthew McGinn
2020-11-04make sure electron9 is being usedMatthew McGinn
2020-09-18add missing patch depMatthew McGinn
2020-09-14update version to v1.5.109Matthew McGinn
2020-09-10update version to v1.5.108Matthew McGinn
2020-09-07update version to v1.5.107Matthew McGinn
2020-08-27update version to v1.5.106Matthew McGinn
2020-08-26update version to v1.5.105Matthew McGinn
2020-08-21update version to v1.5.104Matthew McGinn
2020-08-19bump to 1.5.103Matthew McGinn
2020-07-27update version to v1.5.102Matthew McGinn
2020-07-10update version to v1.5.101Matthew McGinn
2020-06-23update version to v1.5.100Matthew McGinn
2020-06-12update version to v1.5.99Matthew McGinn
2020-06-11update version to v1.5.98Matthew McGinn
2020-06-08bump to 1.5.97Matthew McGinn
2020-06-03update version to v1.5.96Matthew McGinn
2020-06-01bump checksumsMatthew McGinn
2020-06-01update version to v1.5.95Matthew McGinn
2020-05-28update to 1.5.94Matthew McGinn
2020-05-25bump to v1.5.93 (migrating to electron9)Matthew McGinn