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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-09-02Update to 17.2.7Michael Spradling
2018-06-20Fixed for lintMichael Spradling
2018-04-02Update systemd files to create rundir by defaultMichael Spradling
2018-04-02Support aarch64 and armv7hMichael Spradling
2018-02-19Don't build cephfs, broke upstreamMichael Spradling
2018-02-16Update to 17.2.5Michael Spradling
2018-02-13Fixed database dependencies when building.Michael Spradling
2017-12-15Move to 17.2.4Michael Spradling
2017-12-09remove commentsMichael Spradling
2017-12-09Add to bareos-storage.Michael Spradling
2017-12-08Upgraded to 17.2.4rc2Michael Spradling
2017-08-29Add openssl 1.0 supportMichael Spradling
2017-07-06Update to release 16.2.6Michael Spradling
2017-05-10Revert "Workaround for bareos trying to install unbuilt ndmp files"Michael Spradling
2017-05-09Workaround for openssl-1.0 problemMichael Spradling
2017-05-05Workaround for bareos trying to install unbuilt ndmp filesMichael Spradling
2017-03-07Update to 16.2.5Michael Spradling
2016-10-30Updated to release 16.2.4Michael Spradling
2016-10-10Update to 16.2.4rc2Michael Spradling
2016-09-30Upgrade to 16.2.4rc1Michael Spradling
2016-09-23bump versionMichael Spradling
2016-09-23Allow bareos 15.2.4 to work with gcc 6.1.1Michael Spradling
2016-09-21Bump to 15.2.4Michael Spradling
2016-05-23Upgrade bareos to 15.2.3Michael Spradling
2016-05-12Removed python3 depMichael Spradling
2016-05-11Added python dependencyMichael Spradling
2016-05-09Update filedaemon to run as root.Michael Spradling
2015-12-15Removed conflict from alsa-utils, renamed batMichael Spradling
2015-12-15Updated sha256 from upstreamMichael Spradling
2015-11-30bareos-bat now conflicts with alsa-utils since 1.1Michael Spradling
2015-11-20Updated srcinfoMichael Spradling
2015-11-20Fixed backup filesMichael Spradling
2015-11-20Updated to 15.2.2Michael Spradling
2015-11-15Add install scripts.Michael Spradling
2015-10-03Updated to 15.2.1 RCMichael Spradling
2015-06-09Migration to aur4Michael Spradling