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2020-01-08bump to rev 9.3.1drrossum
2019-12-03Bump to rev 9.3drrossum
2019-11-09bump to rev 9.2.4drrossum
2019-05-17bump to rev 9.2.1drrossum
2019-02-01bump to rev 9.1.2drrossum
2018-12-14bump to rev 9.1.1drrossum
2018-11-04bump to rev 9.1drrossum
2018-07-02bump to rev 9.0.2drrossum
2018-03-26bump to rev 9.0drrossum
2018-02-10bump to rev 8.6.7drrossum
2017-09-11bump to rev 8.6.6drrossum
2017-05-19fix makedepends and bump to version 8.6.4drrossum
2017-04-07bump to rev 8.6.3drrossum
2017-01-25bump to version 8.6drrossum
2016-08-30bump to rev 8.5.3drrossum
2016-08-04bump to version 8.5.2drrossum
2016-07-20bump to rev 8.5.1drrossum
2016-07-07bump to rev 8.5drrossum
2016-05-10bump to version 8.4.4drrossum
2016-04-25update java dependencydrrossum
2016-04-15bump to version 8.4.3drrossum
2016-03-03bump to version 8.4.1drrossum
2015-11-25bump to version 8.3.1drrossum
2015-11-23fix icon path in Basex.desktopdrrossum
2015-09-24bump to version 8.3drrossum
2015-07-27update to version 8.2.3Daniel R. van Rossum
2015-07-09update to version 8.2.2drrossum
2015-06-19update to version 8.2.1Daniel R. van Rossum
2015-06-18initial importDaniel R. van Rossum