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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-01-272.4.3-1: version updateYiyao Yu
2019-08-302.4.2-1: Version updateYiyao Yu
2019-08-182.4.1-2: package name is now consistently uppercase throughout archiveYiyao Yu
2019-08-18Updated current maintainer for PKGBUILDYiyao Yu
2019-08-022.4.1-1: Version updateYiyao Yu
2019-07-232.4.0-1: update, added workaround '!ccache' to optionsYiyao Yu
2019-01-29workaround cmakelists.txt issue with CMAKE_INSTALL_LIBDIRCody P Schafer
2019-01-27gitignore, name src tarball reasonablyCody P Schafer
2019-01-27update to 2.3.13, use ninja, use plain build, use arg to adjust libdirCody P Schafer
2018-08-12Update to 2.3.12Moritz Lipp
2018-03-01Update to 2.3.11Moritz Lipp
2017-11-06Update to 2.3.9Moritz Lipp
2017-10-20Update to 2.3.8Moritz Lipp
2017-09-04Update to 2.3.6Moritz Lipp
2016-10-26Update to 2.2.1Moritz Lipp
2016-06-21Update to 2.2.0Moritz Lipp
2016-05-03Update to 2.1.5Moritz Lipp
2016-01-13Update to 2.1.3Moritz Lipp
2015-10-03Update to 2.1.2Moritz Lipp
2015-09-12Update to 2.1.1Moritz Lipp
2015-08-14Update to 2.1.0Moritz Lipp
2015-06-17Update to 2.0.4Moritz Lipp
2015-06-15Initial importMoritz Lipp