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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-09-05Update version to Parrish
2016-08-28Update version to v0.4.9.4David Parrish
2016-08-23Update versionDavid Parrish
2016-07-01Add jdk8-openjdk as a make dependencyDavid Parrish
2016-05-22Remove 'v' prefix from versionDavid Parrish
2016-05-18Fix some namcap warnings and install BouncyCastleProviderDavid Parrish
2016-05-17Build bitcoinj and bitsquare using local maven repositoryDavid Parrish
2016-02-01Use 'java-openjfx' for dependencyDavid Parrish
2015-06-16Remove 'provides='David Parrish
2015-06-13Update pkgverDavid Parrish
2015-06-13Initial commit for bitsquare-gitDavid Parrish