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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-09-01Normlize coding style so package can be diffed with 'brave-bin'Caleb Maclennan
2018-09-01Fix dependenciesCaleb Maclennan
2018-09-01Move launcher from heredoc to repository and include relevant warning messageCaleb Maclennan
2018-09-01Move desktop support file from heredoc to repositoryCaleb Maclennan
2018-09-01Normalize packaging standards and simplify install syntaxCaleb Maclennan
2018-09-01Fix potential bash variable quoting issuesCaleb Maclennan
2018-09-01Drop obsolete one-time-hack for upstream pkgver anomolyCaleb Maclennan
2018-08-30Upgrade to v0.23.105Jacob Mischka
2018-08-02Upgrade to v0.23.73Jacob Mischka
2018-07-070.23.31-1Pedro A. López-Valencia
2018-07-02Upgrade to v0.23.19Jacob Mischka
2018-06-18Upgrade to v0.22.810Jacob Mischka
2018-06-05Upgrade to v0.22.727Jacob Mischka
2018-04-20Upgrade to v0.22.22Jacob Mischka
2018-04-11Upgrade to v0.22.13Jacob Mischka
2018-03-12Upgrade v0.21.18Jacob Mischka
2018-03-05Add workaround for #12667, upgrade to v0.20.46Jacob Mischka
2018-02-15Upgrade to v0.20.29Jacob Mischka
2018-01-30Upgrade to v0.19.147Jacob Mischka
2018-01-13Upgrade to v0.19.134Jacob Mischka
2018-01-02Upgrade to v0.19.123Jacob Mischka
2017-12-27Upgrade to v0.19.122Jacob Mischka
2017-12-01Upgrade to v0.19.105Jacob Mischka
2017-11-26Upgrade to v0.19.95Jacob Mischka
2017-11-10Upgrade to v0.19.88Jacob Mischka
2017-11-03Upgrade to v0.19.80Jacob Mischka
2017-10-19Upgrade to v0.19.53Jacob Mischka
2017-10-12Upgrade to 0.19.48Jacob Mischka
2017-09-26Don't disable sandbox if user namespaces enabledJacob Mischka
2017-09-23Change StartupWMClass to `brave`Jacob Mischka
2017-09-15Upgrade to v0.18.36Jacob Mischka
2017-09-07Upgrade to v0.18.29Jacob Mischka
2017-08-20Upgrade to v0.18.23Jacob Mischka
2017-08-11Update to v0.18.14Jacob Mischka
2017-07-140.17.16devPedro A. López-Valencia
2017-06-30beta 0.17.13devPedro A. López-Valencia
2017-06-28beta 0.17.12devPedro A. López-Valencia
2017-06-28beta 0.17.11devPedro A. López-Valencia
2017-06-23beta 0.17.7devPedro A. López-Valencia
2017-06-22beta 0.17.6devPedro A. López-Valencia
2017-06-21beta 0.17.4devPedro A. López-Valencia
2017-06-150.17.3devPedro A. López-Valencia
2017-06-140.17.2devPedro A. López-Valencia
2017-06-130.17.1devPedro A. López-Valencia
2017-06-10beta 0.16.9devPedro A. López-Valencia Hmm.. Not even with reading glasses.Pedro A. López-Valencia GTK+3 and still gconfPedro A. López-Valencia
2017-06-070.16.4dev Finally works!Pedro A. López-Valencia
2017-06-05Back down to 0.15.312devPedro A. López-Valencia
2017-05-280.16.0devPedro A. López-Valencia