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11 daysadded license file as Brother did delete it on their homepageHarvey
2019-07-02Update to 0.4.8-1Harvey
2019-02-03update to 0.4.7Harvey
2018-10-31update to 0.4.6-1Harvey
2018-07-29changed https source of agreement back to httpHarvey
2018-07-27change download source to httpsHarvey
2018-07-03update to 0.4.5_1Harvey
2018-01-12change udev rules priority to get applied before sane's rulesHarvey
2017-11-06update to 0.4.4-4Harvey
2017-08-22update to 0.4.4-3Harvey
2017-03-29updated to Versio 0.4.4-2Harvey
2016-10-26Change forgotten checksum for mk-udev.rulesHarvey
2016-10-24changed device node ownership to lp group to circumvent permission problemsHarvey
2016-09-13update to
2015-12-21Update to 0.4.3-3Harvey
2015-09-01Update to 0.4.3_2-1Heinrich Siebmanns
2015-07-24Update to 0.4.3-1Heinrich Siebmanns
2015-06-18Initial importHeinrich Siebmanns