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2019-04-25Fix versioning by adding lightweight tagsRicardo Vieira
2018-04-26Update revisionRicardo Vieira
2017-09-27Add sassc as dependencie and update versionRicardo Vieira
2017-04-19Add meson to makedependsRicardo Vieira
2017-04-18Build with mesonRicardo Vieira
2017-02-13Previous commit seems to be broken too change to older oneRicardo Vieira
2017-02-13Pin package to a specific commit since current build is brokenRicardo Vieira
2017-01-18remove make checkRicardo Vieira
2016-10-15Fix gtk-doc dependency removed by mistakeRicardo Vieira
2016-09-11Update package to 10.2.7Ricardo Vieira
2016-02-19Update versionRicardo Vieira
2016-01-21Add qtk-doc dependecy and update versionRicardo Vieira
2016-01-03Add new dependencie and update versionRicardo Vieira
2015-07-11Update revisionRicardo Vieira
2015-06-18Update upstream project linkRicardo Vieira
2015-06-11Import from AURv3Ricardo Vieira