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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-09-30Add autoconf-archive as makedependsMatheus de Souza
2021-08-07Update to 1.26.0Matheus de Souza
2021-08-02Fix update to 1.25.0Matheus de Souza
2021-07-14fix wrong sha256 checksumRené Wagner
2021-06-30update 1.25.0René Wagner
2020-02-18update to 1.24René Wagner
2019-10-25Update to 1.23.0-1ValHue
2019-05-21Update to 1.22.1-1ValHue
2019-03-30Update to 1.22.0-1ValHue
2018-05-29Update to 1.20.0-1ValHue
2017-09-05use released pub instead of source from githubThanosApostolou
2017-03-18update to 0.18.0vlad
2017-01-04downgrade to 1.16.0vlad
2017-01-02update to 1.17.0vlad
2016-09-19update to 1.16.0vlad
2016-09-01update to 1.15.0vlad
2016-04-08update to 1.14.0vlad
2015-11-03update to 1.12.0vlad
2015-09-06add conflict with caja-dropbox-gtk3vlad
2015-07-09Update to 1.10.0vlad
2015-07-08Initial importvlad