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2020-04-04Enable hard subbed subtitles supportBooloki
2019-05-22Update to version 0.88Booloki
2018-10-24Update to version 0.87Booloki
2018-01-25Update to version 0.86Booloki
2017-01-25Update to version 0.85-1Booloki
2016-12-19Update to version 0.84-1Booloki
2016-10-24Update to version 0.82-2Booloki
2016-10-11Update to version 0.82-1Booloki
2016-07-23Update to version 0.81-1Booloki
2016-04-30Update to version 0.80-1Booloki
2016-01-15Update to version 0.79Booloki
2015-12-17Initial importBooloki