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2021-04-21Update to 6.9.6Joachim Desroches
2021-03-29Update to 6.9.5Joachim Desroches
2021-01-04Upstream update.Joachim Desroches
2020-12-04Update to 6.9.3Joachim Desroches
2020-11-23Update to 6.9.2Joachim Desroches
2020-11-09Upstream update to 6.9.1Joachim Desroches
2020-10-09Update to 6.8.0.Joachim Desroches
2020-07-29Update to 6.7.0. Fix several issues with the package.Joachim Desroches
2019-11-15commit cdist 4.11.1-1Christian Hesse
2018-01-30commit cdist 4.7.3-1Christian Hesse
2017-10-03commit cdist 4.7.1-1Christian Hesse
2015-09-30initial import of cdist 3.1.13-1Christian Hesse