path: root/PKGBUILD
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-04-25Change msg2 to echo to stderrShadowKyogre
2018-07-14Don't forget libxi and libxcursor during the buildShadowKyogre
2018-07-12Handle generating Compiz exclusive icon cachesShadowKyogre
2018-06-04Point to Gitlab URL nowShadowKyogre
2017-04-26Remove extraneous provide in pkgbaseShadowKyogre
2017-04-10Correct generating depends for compiz-gtk-gitShadowKyogre
2017-04-04marco theme with GTK3 as default, namcap tidyingShadowKyogre
2016-07-15Add a configure option for marco-gtk3ShadowKyogre
2016-06-01*.desktop handled in default installShadowKyogre
2016-05-07PKGBUILD shouldn't fail on not building gtk decoShadowKyogre
2016-04-11Standardize format of compiz git PKGBUILDsShadowKyogre
2016-03-28Update to point to github reposShadowKyogre
2015-12-18Remove prefixing compiz. from the pkgverShadowKyogre
2015-12-14Make gitified compiz PKGBUILD: compiz-core-gitShadowKyogre