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2021-05-20Edit PKGBUILDrobson-66
2021-05-18useful commit messagerobson-66
2020-08-15Drop gcc10_common_fix.patch. This has been fixed upstream.Charles Bos
2020-05-17Patch a build issue introduced by gcc 10Charles Bos
2019-11-30Remove ccsm-escape-fix.patch. bump versionCharles Bos
2019-11-17Add ccsm-escape-fix.patch - thanks rharishCharles Bos
2019-02-17Incorporate decor command sed line into the config patch, use a single instal...Charles Bos
2019-02-17Patch cmake file to stop glib-compile-schemas from being called during make i...Charles Bos
2019-02-14Initial commitCharles Bos