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2022-08-02updated to 4.4.0Dan Johansen
2021-12-25updated to 4.3.0Dan Johansen
2021-04-21Fix PKGBUILDDan Johansen
2021-04-12updated to 4.2.0Dan Johansen
2020-12-01updated toDan Johansen
2020-09-10Fix URLsDan Johansen
2020-09-07updated to 4.0.0Dan Johansen
2020-07-04updated to 3.0.1Dan Johansen
2020-05-17updated to 2.9.0Dan Johansen
2020-01-19add qt5-svg to dependency listDan Johansen
2020-01-12updated to 2.8.0Dan Johansen
2019-09-19updated to 2.7.1Dan Johansen
2019-09-16initial commit, version 2.7Dan Johansen