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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-03-21hotfix bad dependencyRomain Porte
2018-03-21Now depends on dev wxwidgetsRomain Porte
2018-02-13new version, optdepends += soapyplutosdr-gitRomain Porte
2018-02-10use soapysdr-git instead of soapysdrRomain Porte
2017-02-15New versionMichal Krenek (Mikos)
2016-08-18PKGBUILD cleaned up (thanks to danmc)Michal Krenek (Mikos)
2016-03-22fixed buildingvalvetime
2016-03-22now installs properly on 32 bit machinesvalvetime
2016-02-29optdepend on soapyremote-gitvalvetime
2016-02-28now depends on soapysdrvalvetime
2016-02-12switched to git versioning, added icon supportvalvetime
2015-12-26major cleanup, fonts no longer get dumped to /usr/bin/valvetime
2015-12-25fixed buildingvalvetime
2015-12-25Initial importvalvetime