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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-02-28Add libxcrypt-compat dependencyKevin McCormack
2021-10-12Replace sip with sip4Kevin McCormack
2020-10-01Fix build in clean chrootKevin McCormack
2020-06-26Update for building in clean chrootKevin McCormack
2020-06-21Add libffi6 dependencyKevin McCormack
2020-05-31Add qt5-svg dependencyKevin McCormack
2020-01-18Add python-cx_freeze dependencyKevin McCormack
2020-01-15Update PKGBUILDKevin McCormack
2019-10-13Bump to v3.6.21Kevin McCormack
2019-09-23Bump version to 3.6.20Kevin McCormack
2019-08-11Update to 3.6.18Kevin McCormack
2019-07-12Bump version to 3.6.13Kevin McCormack
2019-05-05Bump version to 3.6.8Kevin McCormack
2019-02-25Update to v3.6.3Kevin McCormack
2018-12-01Limit libgfortran file find to 1Kevin McCormack
2018-11-25Allow different versions of gcc fortranKevin McCormack
2018-11-20Update for version 3.2.32Kevin McCormack
2018-09-18Update to version 3.2.27Kevin McCormack
2018-07-24First commitKevin McCormack