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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-10-12Remember to update the pkgrel.John Sivak
2020-10-12Ustream update.John Sivak
2020-09-08Update for 7.2.0-1 release.John Sivak
2020-06-23New build on upstream site.John Sivak
2020-06-08Update for 7.1.0 release.John Sivak
2020-06-07Version 7.0.0 was the last to support 32bit; 7.1.0 and newer is 64bit only.John Sivak
2020-03-09Upstream 7.0.0 release.John Sivak
2020-02-13Update to latest patch release.John Sivak
2019-12-09Update for 6.3.0 upstream release.John Sivak
2019-10-19Update pkgsums and pkgrel for new upstream build.John Sivak
2019-09-10Update to 6.2.0 release.John Sivak
2019-06-15Update to 6.1.0 release; Update Java and GTK requirements.John Sivak
2019-03-11Update to release 6.0.0John Sivak
2019-01-22Update for 5.3.3 release.John Sivak
2018-12-20Update license and fix sha256sums.John Sivak
2018-12-10Updated download files from upstream.John Sivak
2018-12-10Upgrade to version 5.3.0.John Sivak
2018-09-10Fix sha256sums.John Sivak
2018-09-10Upgrade to 5.2.0.John Sivak
2018-06-18Upgrade to 5.1.1.John Sivak
2018-06-11Upgrade to version 5.1.0.John Sivak
2018-03-19Update for 5.0.1 release.John Sivak
2018-03-12Update for 5.0.0 release.John Sivak
2018-01-07Update to upstream 4.3.0 version.John Sivak
2017-05-04update to v4.0.5Joseph Post
2017-04-09update pkgbuildJoseph Post
2017-04-04update to v4.0.4Joseph Post
2017-01-31update to v3.8.5Joseph Post
2017-01-25update to v3.8.4Joseph Post
2017-01-19update to v3.8.3Joseph Post
2016-12-29update to v3.8.2Joseph Post
2016-12-10update to v3.8.1Joseph Post
2016-11-23update to v3.8.0Joseph Post
2016-11-01update to v3.7.8Joseph Post
2016-10-24update to v3.7.7Joseph Post
2016-10-16update to v3.7.6Joseph Post
2016-09-29update to 3.7.5Joseph Post
2016-09-13update to v3.7.4Joseph Post
2016-08-30update to v3.7.3Joseph Post
2016-07-26update to v3.7.2Joseph Post
2016-07-11update to v3.7.1Joseph Post
2016-06-28update to v3.7.0Joseph Post
2016-06-06update to v3.6.10Joseph Post
2016-05-31update to v3.6.9Joseph Post
2016-05-24update to v3.6.8Joseph Post
2016-05-11fix pkg sumsJoseph Post
2016-05-09update to v3.6.7Joseph Post
2016-04-25update to v3.6.6Joseph Post
2016-04-15update to 3.6.5Joseph Post
2016-04-11update to v3.6.4Joseph Post