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2021-01-23Update to version 12.0Daniel Bermond
2020-12-04Update to version 11.7Daniel Bermond
2020-07-17Updated to version 11.6Daniel Bermond
2020-05-23Updated to version 11.5.1Daniel Bermond
2020-02-29Updated to version 11.5Daniel Bermond
2019-12-07Updated to version 11.4Daniel Bermond
2017-03-26Update to 10.8.5Muhammad Yahya Harlan
2017-01-29Add previous maintainerMuhammad Yahya Harlan
2017-01-2910.8.3 & fixed pathMuhammad Yahya Harlan
2015-10-0310.5Antoine Lubineau
2015-06-06decklink-sdk: 10.4Antoine Lubineau
2014-12-02decklink, decklink-sdk, vlc-decklink: update to DesktopVideo 10.3.1Antoine Lubineau
2014-07-20decklink-sdk: 10.1.1Antoine Lubineau
2014-03-16decklink-sdk 10.0Antoine Lubineau
2013-08-04decklink-sdk: 9.7.1 -> 9.7.7Antoine Lubineau
2013-04-22decklink{,sdk}: update to 9.7.1Antoine Lubineau
2013-03-13decklink, decklink-sdk, vlc-decklink: correct Qt 4 dependencyAntoine Lubineau
2013-02-15decklink-sdk: 9.6.4 -> 9.7Antoine Lubineau
2013-01-15decklink-sdk: remove useless dependsAntoine Lubineau
2013-01-14decklink-sdk: downgrade to 9.6.4Antoine Lubineau
2012-11-06decklink-sdk: 9.6.6 -> 9.6.7Antoine Lubineau
2012-11-04decklink-sdk: decklink is not a dependencyAntoine Lubineau
2012-10-26decklink-sdk: 9.6.4 -> 9.6.6Antoine Lubineau
2012-10-11decklink-sdk: 9.5 -> 9.6.4Antoine Lubineau
2012-07-09decklink-sdk: 9.1 -> 9.5Antoine Lubineau
2012-02-19decklink-sdk: 9.0 -> 9.1Antoine Lubineau
2011-11-19Update all Decklink-related packagesAntoine Lubineau
2011-05-25Changed license to custom and added decklink in dependsAntoine Lubineau
2011-05-25Decklink SDKAntoine Lubineau