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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
11 daysv4.16.3Sibren Vasse
12 daysv4.16.2Sibren Vasse
2019-09-02Switch to sha256sumsSibren Vasse
2019-09-02v4.16.1Sibren Vasse
2019-08-31Also update desktop file for oauthSibren Vasse
2019-08-30Add oauth and mpris patchesSibren Vasse
2019-08-30v4.15.3Sibren Vasse
2019-08-27v4.15.3Sibren Vasse
2019-08-24v4.15.2Sibren Vasse
2019-08-20v4.15.1Sibren Vasse
2019-08-18Convert icon to correct formatSibren Vasse
2019-08-17Change menu bar patch to enable title barSibren Vasse
2019-08-16Move relevant stuff to prepare functionSibren Vasse
2019-08-16Remove unnecessary !stripSibren Vasse
2019-08-16Switch from sed replaces to patchesSibren Vasse
2019-08-15Fix frame replaceSibren Vasse
2019-08-15Hide menu barSibren Vasse
2019-08-15v4.15.0Sibren Vasse
2019-08-12Fix icon theme compatabilitySibren Vasse
2019-08-10Fix startup fail introduced by electron 6.0.1Sibren Vasse
2019-08-09Switch to core/electron (6.x)Sibren Vasse
2019-08-09Remove NodeRT from package (-205.72 MiB)Sibren Vasse
2019-08-09v4.14.1Sibren Vasse
2019-08-08Change maintainerSibren Vasse
2019-07-05Stick electron version to 3.xIlya Gulya
2019-07-04Fix desktop file according to the comments. Update app version to 4.10.2Ilya Gulya
2019-06-03Update app version to 4.7.2Ilya Gulya
2019-03-27Update deezer to 4.4.5Ilya Gulya
2019-03-23Update deezer version to 4.4.1Ilya Gulya
2019-03-06Update Deezer version to 4.3.5Ilya Gulya
2019-02-16Updated Deezer to version 4.3.1Ilya Gulya
2019-02-03Update deezer version to 4.1.2Ilya Gulya
2019-01-31New Deezer 4.1.1 versionIlya Gulya
2018-12-21Update app to version 4.0.5Ilya Gulya
2018-12-12Initial PKGBUILD for Deezer desktop applicationIlya Gulya