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2019-03-10autu: Update to 1.9.39-2Chris Severance
2018-11-14autu: Update to 1.9.39-1Chris Severance
2018-06-18autu: Update to 1.9.38-5Chris Severance
2018-06-07autu: Update to 1.9.38-4 fix compile warningsChris Severance
2018-06-05autu: Update to 1.9.38-3 improve timers patchChris Severance
2018-05-24autu: Update to 1.9.38-2Chris Severance
2018-05-24autu: Update to 1.9.38-1Chris Severance
2017-09-01Update to 1.9.38Chris Severance
2017-07-05Update to 1.9.37Chris Severance
2016-03-17Update to 1.9.36Chris Severance
2016-02-03Quick Fix for Pacman 5.0Chris Severance
2015-08-28Quick version fixChris Severance
2015-08-15Smarter installerChris Severance
2015-08-07PKGBUILD improvementsChris Severance
2015-07-06Initial importChris Severance