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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-04-29Patch extern C to fix buildJake
2020-10-30Fix udev rules checksumsJake
2020-08-05Add udev rule for U3Pro32Jake
2020-07-01Add patch for Qt 5.15Jake
2020-05-11Update to 1.12Jake
2020-04-11Update to 1.11Jake
2020-03-14Symlink binary to pkgnameJake
2020-03-14Update to 1.10Jake
2019-12-02Update maintainers and bump pkgrelJake
2019-12-02Fix desktop file(s)Jake
2019-12-02Improve udev rulesJake
2019-12-02Add python linker patchJake
2019-10-13update to 1.01Cody P Schafer
2018-08-13version 0.99Cody P Schafer
2018-01-25add missing dep libsigrok4dslCody Schafer
2017-09-09add specific requirement on libsigrokdecode4dsl, has incompatible changes fro...Cody P Schafer
2017-09-09update to 0.98Cody P Schafer
2016-02-02initial 0.95Thomas Krug