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3 daysUpdate to 2021.06.07Sebastian Riedel
2021-05-03Update checksumSebastian Riedel
2021-05-01Update to version 2021.04.30Sebastian Riedel
2021-03-05Fix icons & update to 2021.02.28's regression fixSebastian Riedel
2021-02-28Update to version 2021.02.28Sebastian Riedel
2021-02-26Follow new gendesk behaviorSebastian Riedel
2021-02-02Makedepend on jarSebastian Riedel
2021-02-02Add iconsSebastian Riedel
2021-02-02Convert .txt files to unix line breaksSebastian Riedel
2021-02-02Switch to gendeskSebastian Riedel
2021-02-02Associate mime typesSebastian Riedel
2021-02-02Initial version 2021.01.30Sebastian Riedel