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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-12-03fix git urlSolomon Choina
2018-09-20updating pkgverSolomon Choina
2018-08-14update pkgverSolomon Choina
2018-06-21updating pkgverSolomon Choina
2018-04-30updating pkgverSolomon Choina
2018-04-23moved to arch-mesonSolomon Choina
2018-04-23updating pkgver it needs efl from the arch reposSolomon Choina
2018-04-23updating pkgverSolomon Choina
2018-03-14updating pkgverSolomon Choina
2018-02-25update pkgverSolomon Choina
2018-02-05update pkgverSolomon Choina
2018-02-02update pkgverSolomon Choina
2017-12-18session chooser should be fixedSolomon Choina
2017-12-03added a systemd file in upstreamSolomon Choina
2017-10-02updating pkgverSolomon Choina
2017-09-03updating revisionSolomon Choina
2017-09-03removing vestiges of autotoolsSolomon Choina
2017-08-25fixesSolomon Choina
2017-08-24changing to mesonSolomon Choina
2017-08-22replaced the original one with the forkSolomon Choina
2014-05-26Change permissions on /etc/sudoers.d/ to match sudo packageDoug Newgard
2014-05-21Simpler, more robust adjustment of conf fileDoug Newgard
2014-05-05Update emailDoug Newgard
2014-05-05Simpler text file installationDoug Newgard
2014-05-05Change ekbd-git to an optdepDoug Newgard
2014-05-05Update for new config file location and nameDoug Newgard
2014-03-19Add sudo depDoug Newgard
2014-02-09Install new upstream Arch PAM fileDoug Newgard
2014-02-09Don't adjust service file, fixed upstreamDoug Newgard
2014-02-06Use upstream service fileDoug Newgard
2014-01-09Template update, pkgver bump, and use ekbd-git for conditional depDoug Newgard
2013-11-03WhitespaceDoug Newgard
2013-10-20Add r before revision number in pkgverDoug Newgard
2013-09-04Add xauth depDoug Newgard
2013-09-04Install correct PAM fileDoug Newgard
2013-09-04systemd service shouldn't conflict with getty@tty1Doug Newgard
2013-09-04Remove custom PAM file, they're working it out upstreamDoug Newgard
2013-09-04Disable CK supportDoug Newgard
2013-09-04Add conditional dep on ekbd-svnDoug Newgard
2013-09-04Modify entrance.conf for use with ArchDoug Newgard
2013-09-04Add entrance.conf to backup arrayDoug Newgard
2013-09-04Add -fvisibility=hiddenDoug Newgard
2013-09-04grub2 support was turned on by default. Turn it off here.Doug Newgard
2013-09-04Don't point URL to trac, just the homepageDoug Newgard
2013-09-04Install text filesDoug Newgard
2013-09-04Generic _pkgname, provides, and conflictsDoug Newgard
2013-05-12Update checksumDoug Newgard
2013-05-12Forgot to bump pkgrelDoug Newgard
2013-05-12Move bin to /usr/binDoug Newgard
2013-04-04Simplify pkgver functionDoug Newgard