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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-11-02Bump pkgrel to trigger rebuild for new Evolution 3.46.1Florian Latifi
2022-09-15Update to 2.1.0-3Florian Latifi
2022-04-07Update to 2.0.1 of Evolution 3.44 branchFlorian Latifi
2021-12-30Update to 2.0.1Florian Latifi
2021-12-07Update to 2.0.0Florian Latifi
2021-03-10correct dependsFabioLolix
2021-01-24v1.3.0, unfuck the pkgbuildFabioLolix
2019-03-12changed licene to LGPLvasket
2019-03-12changed licene to LGPLv2, fixed typovasket
2019-03-12initial commit for decsync-evolutionvasket