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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-11-01flightradar24: arm 1.0.26-9Jimmy Xu
2020-09-27flightradar24: arm 1.0.26-5Jimmy Xu
2020-08-22flightradar24: x86 1.0.25-3Jimmy Xu
2020-06-13flightradar24: arm 1.0.25-3Jimmy Xu
2020-03-09flightradar24: arm 1.0.25-1Jimmy Xu
2019-11-22flightradar24: Cleanup service filesJimmy Xu
2019-11-22flightradar24: Use deb archive instead of tgzJimmy Xu
2019-11-22flightradar24: Get rid of the `hostname: invalid option' warningJimmy Xu
2019-11-12flightradar24: arm 1.0.24-7Jimmy Xu
2019-11-07flightradar24: Mention "fr24feed" in the descriptionJimmy Xu
2019-11-07flightradar24: arm 1.0.24-6Jimmy Xu
2019-11-06flightradar24: 1.0.24-5Jimmy Xu
2018-04-21fix service sha256Assaf Sapir
2018-04-21update arm version to 1.0.19-5Assaf Sapir
2016-09-05flightradar24: correct user name in service fileFabian Bartschke
2016-09-05flightradar24: fix URL for armhfFabian Bartschke
2016-08-17Update rpi images address, added the need for installing dump1090-gitAssaf Sapir
2016-04-03Bump flightradar24 to 1.0.18Yuval Adam
2015-11-14Add proper fr24feed directories and configsYuval Adam
2015-07-03Bump pkgver and update src info as wellYuval Adam
2015-07-03Update arch to armv{6,7}h since raspis have hard floatYuval Adam
2015-06-30Initial importYuval Adam