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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-05-01Update to 42.0Robin Lange
2022-03-31Update to 41.3Robin Lange
2021-11-27Update to 41.0+r15+g23ebe617Robin Lange
2021-06-26Update to 40.0Robin Lange
2020-11-26Update to 3.38.2-1Robin Lange
2020-09-13 Update to 3.36.3-1Robin Lange
2020-05-17Update to 3.36.2-1Robin Lange
2020-04-11Update to 3.34.1-3 (forgot a change to .install)Robin Lange
2020-04-11Update to 3.34.1-2Robin Lange
2019-10-12Update to 3.34.1Robin Lange
2019-09-21Update to 3.34.0Robin Lange
2019-05-04Added make dependencies missing from the official packageRobin Lange
2019-04-28Fixed missing custom description for libgdmRobin Lange
2019-04-28Initial releaseRobin Lange