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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-06-15Bump to 1.3.2Sledge Sulaweyo
2019-04-17fix for compile issue, thx @compguy284Sledge Sulaweyo
2019-04-11Bump to 1.3.1Sledge Sulaweyo
2019-01-28bump to 1.3.0Sledge Sulaweyo
2019-01-19cahnge compile options and other improvementsSledge Sulaweyo
2019-01-17patch libupnp line, add mysqlSledge Sulaweyo
2018-05-10updSergej Pupykin
2017-10-04updSergej Pupykin
2017-06-05few fixes and add systemd filesSergej Pupykin
2017-05-30add systemd scriptsSergej Pupykin
2017-05-30initSergej Pupykin