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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-03-03ghdl: new upstream release 0.36Vicente Bergas
2018-06-03Update to a working version for gcc-ada 8.1Vicente Bergas
2018-01-28Update backend to gcc 7.3Vicente Bergas
2017-12-18ghdl: new upstream release 0.35Vicente Bergas
2017-08-17Fix tag nameVicente Bergas
2017-08-15Update backend to gcc 7.2Vicente Bergas
2017-07-31Update git tagVicente Bergas
2017-07-26ghdl: new upstream release 0.34Vicente Bergas
2017-07-20Enable PIEVicente Bergas
2017-07-19Update to 2017-03-01 pre-releaseVicente Bergas
2016-04-30Update links to gcc and islVicente Bergas
2015-12-29Fix makedependsVicente Bergas
2015-12-20Update to 0.33-2Vicente Bergas
2015-10-06Update to 0.33Vicente Bergas
2015-06-28Initial importvicencb