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2018-05-08Updated to latest upstream sources, removed obsolete plugins, now compatible ...somepaulo
2016-09-12Minor source updatePaulo Fino
2016-09-10Updated sources and respective shasums due to upstream changesPaulo Fino
2016-06-03First update, revised dependencies, second attemptPaulo Fino
2016-06-03First update, revised dependenciesPaulo Fino
2016-03-08Fifth bugfixPaulo Fino
2016-03-08Fourth bugfixPaulo Fino
2016-03-08Third bugfixPaulo Fino
2016-03-08Second bugfixPaulo Fino
2016-03-08First bugfixPaulo Fino
2016-03-08First attempt at reviving this in AURPaulo Fino