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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-12-19introduce epochhaawda
2019-11-17fix some typoshaawda
2019-11-03needs java 12 nowhaawda
2019-10-12move the assemble part into prepare functionhaawda
2019-09-29fixed startscripthaawda
2019-09-21fix launcher and reduce package sizehaawda
2019-09-21upstream uses jlink nowhaawda
2019-09-01adopted, new pkgver function, updated to java 11haawda
2017-10-11Fixed issue with java pathDan McCurry
2017-08-23Fixed versioningDan McCurry
2017-03-21Fixed icon path during package. Changed to svg.Dan McCurry
2017-02-06Added makedepend java-openjfx for version 4.0Dan McCurry
2016-12-19Fixed versioning for release compatibilityDan McCurry
2016-12-15Updated to 3.8-devDan McCurry
2016-01-17Update to 3.3devNikola Milinković
2015-12-06Update to 1.0.0-2Nikola Milinković
2015-10-25Fixed a typoNikola Milinković
2015-10-25Updated versioning to 2.80Nikola Milinković
2015-10-23Update to 2.11b4Nikola Milinković
2015-08-12Disabled Numix theme.Nikola Milinković
2015-08-12Update to 2.80devNikola Milinković
2015-07-27Added optional Numix themeNikola Milinković
2015-07-20Update to 2.11b3Nikola Milinković
2015-06-21Removed a patch due to upstream fix. Removed unneeded dependencies.Nikola Milinković
2015-06-21Initial commitNikola Milinković