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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2 daysupgpkg: jd-gui 1.6.5-1Simon Legner
2019-11-03upgpkg: jd-gui 1.6.4-1Simon Legner
2019-08-03upgpkg: jd-gui 1.6.3-2Simon Legner
2019-07-15upgpkg: jd-gui 1.6.3-1Simon Legner
2019-07-01Update to 1.6.2-1Simon Legner
2019-06-21Update to 1.6.1-1Simon Legner
2019-06-17Update to 1.6.0-1Simon Legner
2019-06-03Update to 1.5.2-1Simon Legner
2019-05-26Update to 1.5.1-1Simon Legner
2019-05-18Update to 1.5.0-1Simon Legner
2019-05-13Update to 1.4.3-1Simon Legner
2019-04-11Update to 1.4.2-1Simon Legner
2019-03-29Update to 1.4.1-1Simon Legner
2019-02-011.4.0-5: launch using --add-modules for Java >=9Simon Legner
2017-11-131.4.0-4: fix build (patch by nahuelmorata)Simon Legner
2015-11-30Add .desktop fileSimon Legner
2015-11-09Fix build w/ Gradle 2.8Simon Legner
2015-09-20Update to 1.4.0Simon Legner
2015-06-26Update to 1.2.0Simon Legner
2015-06-12Initial importSimon Legner