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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-04-21Update wrong md5sumsFlorian Eitel
2019-04-20Some quoting cleanupFlorian Eitel
2019-04-20Update to 8-212Florian Eitel
2019-01-16Update to version 8u202Florian Eitel
2018-11-15Update to latest 8u191Florian Eitel
2018-07-22Add sha256 checksumsFlorian Eitel
2018-07-22Update to version 8u181Florian Eitel
2018-04-30Update contributorsFlorian Eitel
2018-04-29Some bash cleanups for PKGBUILDFlorian Eitel
2018-04-29bump to 8u172Florian Eitel
2018-01-17fix buildedoz90
2018-01-17bump to 8u162edoz90
2017-10-18bump to 8u152edoz90
2017-07-28bump to 8u144b01edoz90
2017-07-19bump to 8u141b15edoz90
2017-04-18bump to 8u131edoz90
2017-01-19bump to 8u121-b13edoz90
2016-10-19bump to 8u111-b14Edoardo Rosa
2016-07-26bump to 101Edoardo Rosa
2016-04-208u91Edoardo Rosa
2016-03-25Upgpkg: 8u77Det
2016-02-22Fix aarch64 build + rm quadruple checksums + rm redundant whitespaceDet
2016-02-12bump to 8u73Edoardo Rosa
2016-01-20bump to 8u71Edoardo Rosa
2015-10-30update infoEdoardo Rosa
2015-10-30change descriptionEdoardo Rosa
2015-10-21jdk 8u66 and armv8Edoardo Rosa
2015-08-23clean depsEdoardo Rosa
2015-08-21cleanEdoardo Rosa
2015-08-21first commitEdoardo Rosa
2015-08-21first commitEdoardo Rosa