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7 dayspackage should never conflicts with itselfJiachen YANG
7 daysUpdate to 0.6.0.Chuan Ji
2020-02-05Update to 0.5.7.Chuan Ji
2018-10-22Update to 0.5.6.Chuan Ji
2018-03-21Fix checksum.Chuan Ji
2018-03-21Update to 0.5.5.Chuan Ji
2017-08-13Fix checksum.Chuan Ji
2017-08-13Update to 0.5.4 to fix compatibility with MuPDF 1.11.Chuan Ji
2016-12-12update to 0.5.3Jiachen Yang
2016-05-23jfbview 0.5.2Jiachen Yang
2015-11-20change jfbpdf to jfbviewJiachen Yang