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2019-04-06Fix download issuesfunilrys
2019-01-04Update keneric to v0.4.1funilrys
2018-11-11Fix validation issuesfunilrys
2018-11-06Fix source validation issue of keneric 0.3funilrys
2018-08-23Fix build and install issues of kenericfunilrys
2017-07-22Fix issue mentionned by @flyin1501funilrys
2016-10-14Update PKGBUILD Headerfunilrys
2016-10-14Update file linkfunilrys
2016-01-03Update to 0.3Antonio Rojas
2015-12-21Update to 0.2Antonio Rojas
2015-12-05Initial commitAntonio Rojas