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2020-03-13Update to version 3.1.2Muhkoenig
2020-02-22Added helm as conflicts - same binary pathMuhkoenig
2020-02-22Update to version 3.1.1Muhkoenig
2020-02-14Update to version 3.1.0Muhkoenig
2020-01-30Updated to version 3.0.3Muhkoenig
2019-12-17Updated to version 3.0.2Muhkoenig
2019-12-06Updated to version 3.0.1Muhkoenig
2019-11-13Updated to version 3.0.0Muhkoenig
2019-11-13Updated to version 2.16.1Muhkoenig
2019-11-07Updated to version 2.16.0Muhkoenig
2019-11-01Updated to version 2.15.2Muhkoenig
2019-10-23Updated to version 2.15.1Muhkoenig
2019-10-21Updated to version 2.15.0Muhkoenig
2019-08-02Updated to version 2.14.3Muhkoenig
2019-07-12Updated to version 2.14.2Muhkoenig
2019-06-10Update to version 2.14.1Muhkoenig
2019-05-16Updated to version 2.14.0Muhkoenig
2019-03-22Updated to version 2.13.1Muhkoenig
2019-02-28Updated to v2.13.0Muhkoenig
2019-01-26Update to version 2.12.3Muhkoenig
2019-01-21Fix zsh completion until its fixed in upstreamMuhkoenig
2019-01-15Updated to version 2.12.2Muhkoenig
2018-12-23TASK: update to version 2.12.1Muhkoenig
2018-12-10TASK: updated to version 2.12.0Muhkoenig
2018-09-25BUGFIX: fix optdepends kubectlMuhkoenig
2018-09-25TASK: updated to version v2.11.0Muhkoenig
2018-09-05TASK: upgrade to version 2.10.0Muhkoenig
2018-05-17TASK: updated to version v2.9.1Muhkoenig
2018-03-13TASK: update to 2.8.2Muhkoenig
2018-02-19TASK: upgrade to version 2.8.1Muhkoenig
2018-01-26BUGFIX: sha updatedMuhkoenig
2018-01-26TASK: upgrade helm to 2.8.0Muhkoenig
2017-11-21TASK: update to version 2.7.2Muhkoenig
2017-10-27TASK: raised version to 2.7.0Muhkoenig
2017-09-10TASK: updated to version 2.6.1Muhkoenig
2017-08-22BUGIFX: wrong sha256Muhkoenig
2017-08-21TASK: updated to 2.6.0Muhkoenig
2017-06-21TASK: updated to v2.5.0Muhkoenig
2017-05-18TASK: updated to version 2.4.2Muhkoenig
2017-05-10initial commitMuhkoenig