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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-12-28Update to version 1.18.5Rodrigo Bezerra
2021-03-22Update to version 1.18.4Rodrigo Bezerra
2021-01-30Update to version 1.18.3Rodrigo Bezerra
2020-12-19Update to version 1.18.2Rodrigo Bezerra
2020-12-07Update to version 1.18.1Rodrigo Bezerra
2020-08-20Update meson compileRodrigo Bezerra
2020-01-04Update to version 1.16.2Rodrigo Bezerra
2019-11-25Update to version 1.16.1Rodrigo Bezerra
2019-06-08Use github mirrors to get rid of the slow official git repo, and skipAdam
2018-10-07Update to version 1.14.4Adam
2018-09-20Update to v1.14.3Adam
2018-08-25Update to version 1.14.2Adam
2018-08-18Remove restrict dependency version checkAdam
2018-08-01Update to v1.14.1Adam
2017-07-09version bumporumin
2016-07-30fix check sumorumin
2016-07-30versioni bumporumin
2016-06-06Initial commitorumin