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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
24 hoursUpdate for recent versionsPierre-Marie de Rodat
2020-06-13Update after the switch to Python3Pierre-Marie de Rodat
2020-03-11Pass --build-mode at installPierre-Marie de Rodat
2019-06-29Depend on langkit-gitPierre-Marie de Rodat
2019-06-29Update build procedure to use --library-typesPierre-Marie de Rodat
2018-07-15Add a dependency to gnatcoll-gmpPierre-Marie de Rodat
2018-06-27Use the script to install the Python bindingPierre-Marie de Rodat
2018-06-27Use gprconfig to make sure we don't use ClangPierre-Marie de Rodat
2018-03-18Initial commitPierre-Marie de Rodat