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11 daysupgpkg: lix 0.9.39-1Lucki
2021-06-27upgpkg: lix 0.9.38-1Lucki
2021-05-17upgpkg: lix 0.9.37-1Lucki
2021-02-25upgpkg: lix 0.9.36-1Lucki
2020-12-25upgpkg: lix 0.9.35-1Lucki
2020-10-11upgpkg: lix 0.9.34-1Lucki
2020-08-09upgpkg: lix 0.9.33-1Lucki
2020-08-02upgpkg: lix 0.9.32-1Lucki
2020-08-02upgpkg: lix 0.9.31-1Lucki
2020-08-02upgpkg: clonepoint-git r72.a9bb2a1-1Lucki
2020-08-02upgpkg: lix 0.9.30-1Lucki
2020-08-02rename sources to something unique for shared $srcdirLucki
2019-11-20cd “$srcdir/…” is not neededLucki
2019-11-19rename sources to something unique for shared $srcdirLucki
2019-07-19upgpkg: lix 0.9.29-1Lucki
2019-07-07upgpkg: lix 0.9.28-1Lucki
2019-06-13upgpkg: lix 0.9.27-2Lucki
2019-05-20Update to v0.9.27Lucki
2019-04-24Update to v0.9.26Lucki
2019-02-04Update to v0.9.25Lucki
2019-01-03Update to v0.9.24Lucki
2018-12-09Update to v0.9.23Lucki
2018-11-30Update to v0.9.22Lucki
2018-10-19Update to v0.9.21Lucki
2018-09-23Update to v0.9.20…Lucki
2018-08-24Make it build again!Lucki
2018-08-10Update to v0.9.19Lucki
2018-07-01Update to v0.9.18Lucki
2018-05-27Update to v0.9.17Lucki
2018-05-08Make it build again!Lucki
2018-05-01Update to v0.9.16Lucki
2018-04-20Update to v0.9.15Lucki
2018-03-15Update to v0.9.13Lucki
2018-02-25Update to v0.9.12Lucki
2018-02-08Update to v0.9.11Lucki
2018-02-01Update to v0.9.10Lucki
2018-01-21Damn you namcap!Lucki
2018-01-21Update to v0.9.9Lucki
2018-01-15Update to v0.9.8Lucki
2018-01-10Make it build again…Lucki
2018-01-05Update to v0.9.7Lucki
2017-12-26Update to v0.9.6Lucki
2017-12-14Update to v0.9.5Lucki
2017-11-30Update to v0.9.4Lucki
2017-11-19Update to v0.9.3 with musicLucki
2017-10-25Update to v0.9.2Lucki
2017-10-05Update to v0.9.1Lucki
2017-09-28Update to v0.9.0 (LixD)Lucki
2016-07-17Make it build againLucki
2016-06-03Update to v2016-06-02Lucki