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2022-01-10Finally implement brikiler's simplifications for xz and zst multithreadingQue Quotion
2022-01-09graphite, rice: improve clang flags as per nihilistzsche's citation; also add...Que Quotion
2022-01-09Upstream has a new lto build option, let's cautiously stay out of it's way wh...Que Quotion
2020-07-06pgo must add -lgcov to ldflags when rebuilding against profile dataQue Quotion
2020-03-04Don't duplicate tidy scripts as executable scripts; actually install executab...Que Quotion
2020-03-03Add descriptions for optdepends()Que Quotion
2019-11-24because mv works differently for folders than it does for filesQue Quotion
2019-11-24Disregard and overwrite old profile data.Que Quotion
2019-11-20Fix conditionals in Quotion
2019-11-20Use -flto=auto for parallelization; thanks to brikler!Que Quotion
2019-11-01In theory, some systems may not have nproc; getconf _NPROCESSORS_ONLN is alle...Que Quotion
2019-11-01Add multiprocessing to upx/png/svg and fix upx case statement.bartus
2019-10-29pacman 5.2.0 released: depend on pacman from [core], update compression flags...Que Quotion
2019-09-26Separate options for clang; reduce overlap in graphite and rice; intensify gr...Que Quotion
2019-07-10Set PROFDEST to /mnt/pgo (for clean chroot building)Que Quotion
2019-07-10Rename -> to ensure it is run LAST. New option: rice (...Que Quotion
2019-07-10United Maintenance Plan: restructure all libmakepkg scripts (replace tabs wit...Que Quotion
2019-07-10List lto-thin in build enviroment optionsQue Quotion
2019-07-09After doing no less than a million unit tests, confirmations, and building a ...Que Quotion
2019-07-05Account for clang in lto flags; reduce gcc lto compile time with -fno-fat-lto...Que Quotion
2019-03-21binary -> executableQue Quotion
2019-03-21Fix comments in -exec scripts; use proper permissions; fix executable script ...Que Quotion
2019-03-19Ditch pic/pie macros: apparenty redundant in ArchlinuxQue Quotion
2019-03-18Turns out package options are run a second time /just before/ package()Que Quotion
2019-03-18Bump pkgverQue Quotion
2019-03-18Add PIC and PIE macros (based on flags advised by RedHat docs); fix comment i...Que Quotion
2019-03-10Remove unecessary lines from (no need to explicitly create pkgbase....Que Quotion
2019-03-08fix typo in which caused flags not to be setQue Quotion
2019-02-14Warn about skipping binaries with filetypes that may not support UPX compress...Que Quotion
2018-11-28buildenv and executable patches have been merged upstream; deprecate pacman-b...Que Quotion
2018-11-06Add executable scripts to source(), etcQue Quotion
2018-11-06executable finding scriptsQue Quotion
2018-11-06Updated for pacman with extendible buildenvQue Quotion
2018-10-31Add '--coverage' to LDFLAGS: more success when using LTO and PGO togetherQue Quotion
2018-10-25Supplemental ARCHITECTURE, COMPILE FLAGS; more rational sed replacements; lin...Que Quotion
2018-08-30Migrate makepkg-optimize2 into makepkg-optimize; this is the best way to deal...Que Quotion
2016-04-02Remove conftest.gcda as it is not necessary and can cause problemsQue Quotion
2016-04-01Bump pkgrel()Que Quotion
2016-04-01Changes to pgo were unecessary; optdepends optimization packagesQue Quotion
2016-03-25Sorry for the breakage!Que Quotion
2016-03-23A hint of things to come: makepkg-optimize2 is ready and waitingQue Quotion
2016-03-22Correcty assign system architechture and triple target for config.Que Quotion
2016-03-21meant to comment those out; thought i did; actually did...Que Quotion
2016-03-21Should have bumped with SVGO releaseQue Quotion
2016-03-21Show off, but comment out, package option parameters.Que Quotion
2016-03-21Comment on SVGO in configQue Quotion
2016-03-21SVGO - svg optimization with nodejs-svgoQue Quotion
2016-03-21Update!Que Quotion
2016-03-21Most people probably don't want -e for xz; takes time.Que Quotion
2016-03-21Addressing some concerns of FadeMind.Que Quotion