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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-02-13Fix desktop fileJP-Ellis
2020-04-03Update to 12.1.0JP-Ellis
2019-12-16Fix backticks in quotesJP-Ellis
2019-09-12Update the space warning estimatesJP-Ellis
2019-06-09Add `StartupWMClass` to Desktop fileJP-Ellis
2019-04-24Update to 12.0.0JP-Ellis
2019-04-18Adjust warningsJP-Ellis
2018-08-13Use bash to execute scriptJP-Ellis
2018-05-30Update MD5 sumsJP-Ellis
2018-04-11Mark `openmp` as a required dependencyJP-Ellis
2018-03-26Use certain system libraries to avoid incompatibilitiesJP-Ellis
2018-03-15Update to 11.3.0JP-Ellis
2018-03-15Allow mkdir to fail if WolframScript is already presentJP-Ellis
2017-09-19Add a warning that some errors are expected.JP-Ellis
2017-09-18Update to Mathematica 11.2JP-Ellis
2017-04-28Remove accidental debug line...JP-Ellis
2017-04-27Update to 11.1.1JP-Ellis
2017-04-01Update optional dependenciesJP-Ellis
2017-04-01Fix typo opt/mathematica -> opt/MathematicaJP-Ellis
2017-03-18Update to Mathematica 11.1.0.JP-Ellis
2017-02-27Remove binary files for other architectureJP-Ellis
2017-02-10Remove certain dependencies, or mark them as optionalJP-Ellis
2017-02-10Pacman 5.0 made .install redundantJP-Ellis
2017-02-10Mark myself as new maintainerJP-Ellis
2017-02-09Bump releaseJP-Ellis
2017-02-09Replace `echo` with makepkg's `msg2`JP-Ellis
2017-02-09Fixing WolframScript -> wolframscriptJP-Ellis
2017-02-09Separate preparation steps from packagingJP-Ellis
2016-10-14check for and warn about building in tmpfsKevin Slagle
2016-10-03update to 11.0.1Kevin Slagle
2016-08-17update to 11Kevin Slagle
2016-07-25added mesa-demos optdependKevin Slagle
2016-05-27add Wolfram Language symbolic linksKevin Slagle
2016-05-03use the local protocol instead of unsupported fileKevin Slagle
2016-04-21update to 10.4.1Kevin Slagle
2016-03-25fixed desktop fileKevin Slagle
2016-03-21update to 10.4.0Kevin Slagle
2016-01-06added dependsKevin Slagle
2015-12-17Update to 10.3.1 with InstallErrors :(Kevin Slagle
2015-10-19also bump pkgrelKevin Slagle
2015-10-19fixed .desktop fileKevin Slagle
2015-10-15Update to 10.3.0-1Kevin Slagle
2015-08-04Update md5sumKevin Slagle
2015-07-18fix desktop file againKevin Slagle
2015-07-18fix desktop file againKevin Slagle
2015-07-18fix desktop fileKevin Slagle
2015-07-17Update to 10.2.0Kevin Slagle
2015-06-08Initial importKevin Slagle