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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-08-03Update “mcg” to version 2.1.2coderkun
2020-07-26Update “mcg” to version 2.1.1coderkun
2020-03-22Update “mcg” to version 2.1coderkun
2020-03-15Update “mcg” to version 2.0.2coderkun
2019-02-17Update “mcg” to version 2.0.1coderkun
2018-12-22Update “mcg” to version 2.0coderkun
2018-11-10Update “mcg” to version 1.3.5coderkun
2018-09-02Update “mcg” to version 1.3.4coderkun
2018-07-13Update “mcg” to version 1.3.3 and use GitLab sourcecoderkun
2018-07-10Update website for “mcg”coderkun
2018-03-24Update “mcg” to version 1.3.2coderkun
2018-03-21Update “mcg” to version 1.3.1coderkun
2017-12-26Update “mcg” to version 1.3coderkun
2017-10-22Update “mcg” to version 1.2.2coderkun
2017-09-10Update “mcg” to version 1.2.1coderkun
2017-09-09Update “mcg” to version 1.2coderkun
2017-08-26Update “mcg” to version 1.1coderkun
2017-07-16Fix SRCINFO filecoderkun
2017-07-16Update “mcg” to version 1.0 (final)coderkun
2017-05-06Update “mcg” to version 1.0rc2coderkun
2017-04-28Add package “mcg” version 1.0rc1coderkun