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2019-06-07Version 0.53trizen
2018-01-08Version 0.52trizen
2017-10-22Version 0.51trizen
2017-08-23Version 0.50 with support for arbitrary nested submenus.trizen
2017-05-22Verison 0.48trizen
2017-02-23Added filename in front of the source URL.trizen
2016-12-22Updated description.trizen
2016-11-13Fixed license nametrizen
2016-10-21- Version bump to 0.47trizen
2016-10-18Version bump to 0.46trizen
2016-05-13Version bump to 0.45trizen
2016-02-02Change source to arraytrizen
2015-11-20Version bump to 0.44trizen
2015-06-17Initial committrizen