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2021-09-26Update to 1.18.5Nicola Murino
2021-06-02Update to 1.18.4Nicola Murino
2021-02-19Update to 1.18.3Nicola Murino
2020-12-271.18.2Nicola Murino
2020-11-27Update to 1.18.1Nicola Murino
2020-10-20Update to 1.18.0Nicola Murino
2019-12-06Update to 1.16.2Nicola Murino
2019-09-24Update to 1.16.1-1Nicola Murino
2019-04-27update to 1.16.0-1Nicola Murino
2018-10-05Update to 1.14.4-1Nicola Murino
2018-09-18Update to 1.14.3-1Nicola Murino
2018-08-25Improve optdepends descriptionsNicola Murino
2018-08-24Added optdependsNicola Murino
2018-07-25Update to 1.14.2-1Nicola Murino
2018-05-30Update to 1.14.1-1Nicola Murino
2018-05-03Update to 1.14.0-1Nicola Murino
2018-02-03Update to 1.12.4-1Nicola Murino
2017-05-05Update to 1.12.0Nicola Murino
2017-02-24Update to 1.10.4Nicola Murino
2017-02-06build mpg123 pluginNicola Murino
2017-01-30Update to 1.10.3Nicola Murino
2017-01-13fix uneeded files removalNicola Murino
2017-01-13Initial versionNicola Murino