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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-12-15Update to upstream version 1.7.1Arctic Ice Studio
2018-12-15Remove no more supported "upx" optionArctic Ice Studio
2018-04-10Update to latest upstream version 1.7.0Arctic Ice Studio
2018-03-26Package release version 1.6.0-2Arctic Ice Studio
2018-03-26Add "java-openjfx" package dependencyArctic Ice Studio
2018-02-09AUR package release version 1.6.0-1Arctic Ice Studio
2017-07-03AUR package release version 1.5.0-1Arctic Ice Studio
2017-05-13Package release version 1.4.1-1Arctic Ice Studio
2017-05-13Fix letter cases of the .desktop- and icon fileArctic Ice Studio
2017-05-13Remove empty "depends" arrayArctic Ice Studio
2017-05-13Replace hardcoded version in source URL with with pkgver variableArctic Ice Studio
2017-05-13Update the new website URLArctic Ice Studio
2017-01-21Update to new application version 1.3.1Arctic Ice Studio
2017-01-18Prepare AUR package release 1.2.1-2Arctic Ice Studio
2017-01-18Remove duplicate install commandArctic Ice Studio
2017-01-18Fix MD5 checksum of the "mqttfx."esktop" fileArctic Ice Studio
2017-01-17mqttfx-bin initial release version 1.2.1-1Arctic Ice Studio