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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-09-05Bump pkgrel because of the previous commit.Torge Matthies
2019-09-05Make sdk resolver work.Torge Matthies
2019-08-22First version of msbuild-git, based on the msbuild AUR package.Torge Matthies
2019-08-22Upgrade to msbuild 16.3Florian Maunier
2019-08-22Fix for mono 6.0.0Florian Maunier
2019-07-19upgrade to 16.1Florian Maunier
2019-05-07Add unzip to makedependsFlorian Maunier
2019-04-23Include libhostfxr.soFlorian Maunier
2019-04-17Re-add the SDK resolver in a separate packageFlorian Maunier
2019-04-17Remove unnecessary filesFlorian Maunier
2019-04-17Initial commitFlorian Maunier