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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-10-31neomutt-git: sync with community, update pkgverAlad Wenter
2018-08-12neomutt-git: remove libexecAlad Wenter
2018-02-03Autosetup updatesAlad Wenter
2018-02-02Update build recipe for autotools and moreSean Haugh
2017-02-25Update to use master branchChris Salzberg
2016-11-28Update to include --with-gdbmChris Salzberg
2016-09-18Revert "Add autoconf + automake as makedepends"Chris Salzberg
2016-09-18Update refs to latestChris Salzberg
2016-09-18Add autoconf + automake as makedependsChris Salzberg
2016-08-24Revert "Update branch to neomutt7"Chris Salzberg
2016-08-23Update branch to neomutt7Chris Salzberg
2016-08-11Revert "Remove cruft removal line, which does nothing anymore"Chris Salzberg
2016-08-11Remove cruft removal line, which does nothing anymoreChris Salzberg
2016-08-11Update to latestChris Salzberg
2016-06-13Update latest versionChris Salzberg
2016-06-09Add urlview as optional dependencyChris Salzberg
2016-06-04Update pkgverChris Salzberg
2016-06-01Update pkgverChris Salzberg
2016-05-31Update pkgdescChris Salzberg
2016-05-04Update maintainerChris Salzberg
2016-05-02Fix package nameChris Salzberg
2016-05-02Initial commitChris Salzberg