path: root/PKGBUILD
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-10-18add gcc to makedependskXuan
2021-09-03set QT_QPA_PLATFORM to xcbkXuan
2021-09-02skip checksum on service.htmlkXuan
2021-08-20fix failed to open local folderkXuan
2021-08-19fix failed to play SQ music (.flac file)kXuan
2021-08-18fix unable to use tray menukXuan
2021-08-17add Peter Cai as contributorkXuan
2021-08-17remove out-date dependencieskXuan
2021-08-17update DLAGENT to httpskXuan
2021-06-07use httpsBruce Zhang
2020-06-13upgpkg: netease-cloud-music 1.2.1-1Bruce Zhang
2019-12-16upgpkg: netease-cloud-music 1.2.1-1Bruce Zhang
2019-12-16Revert "upgpkg: netease-cloud-music 1.2.1-1"Bruce Zhang
2019-12-16upgpkg: netease-cloud-music 1.2.1-1Bruce Zhang
2019-05-24updpkg: 1.2.1Peter Cai
2019-04-27SKIP service.htmlPeter Cai
2019-04- Cai
2019-03-14SKIP for service.htmlPeter Cai
2019-03-11cups is not neededPeter Cai
2019-03- Cai
2018-08-27change back SKIP for services.htmlPeter Cai
2018-08-27update to netease-cloud-music Cai
2018-07-17switch to deepin upstream && upgrade to 1.1.3Peter Cai
2017-11-18PKGBUILD: SKIP for service.htmlPeter Cai
2017-11-18PKGBUILD: fix indentPeter Cai
2017-11-17update to 1.1.0Peter Cai
2017-09-22skip service.html checksumPeter Cai
2017-06-031.0.0_2Peter Cai
2016-07-07add dependency gnome-themes-standardPeter Cai
2016-07-04libcue is no longer neededPeter Cai
2016-06-30correct pkgrelPeter Cai
2016-06-30upgrade to 1.0.0Peter Cai
2016-06-24update TOS urlbigeagle
2016-05-26use tar -C to extract debbigeagle
2016-05-26updated permissionsbigeagle
2016-05-26removed openssl hackbigeagle
2016-05-26fixed checksumbigeagle
2016-05-26fix memory leakage by abolishing LD_LIBRARY_PATHbigeagle
2016-05-26updated dependencies and licensebigeagle
2016-05-25added gst-plugins-good and gst-plugins-ugly dependencybigeagle
2016-05-25added licensebigeagle
2016-05-25reduction on dependenciesbigeagle
2016-05-25update pkgver according to commentsbigeagle
2016-05-25updated pkgrel and dependenciesbigeagle
2016-05-25updated source urlbigeagle
2016-05-25update dependenciesbigeagle
2016-05-25initial commitbigeagle